What does it cost for my business to use Elective?

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With Elective, there are no monthly minimums or setup fees. That means it costs nothing to sign up and start offering Elective payment plans to your customers.

Our model is simple: we pay you upfront in full minus a transaction fee for facilitating the transaction. This per-transaction fee is dependent on the payment plan length selected at checkout and will be outlined by your Elective Account Manager.

Benefits to you?

  1. Supercharge Sales: Improve conversions, sales, and customer satisfaction with flexible payment plans; our customers routinely see large, immediate improvements with Elective
  2. Money Upfront: We provide the full amount of the purchase upfront within 7-14 days
  3. No Payment Risk: We take on the risk of fraud and non-payments so you can focus on your business
  4. Eliminate Processing Fees: Because we fund you directly (and not the student), we take on the cost of payment processing so you can keep more

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