[Elective Guide] - How to Create Your First Checkout

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Creating your first checkout to sell through Elective is easy. This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create and modify your products.

Want to make sure your Elective checkout links are unique for a specific product? Stick until the end to see how.


Video Walkthrough


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to the Checkouts Dashboard in Elective: Log in to your Elective account and head over to the Checkouts dashboard. Click on the blue button that says 'Create Checkout'.

  2. Set Up Your Checkout: Here is where can set up your checkout details. First, some key terms:

    Key Terms Description
    Active/Inactive This toggle allows you to make your checkout active or inactive
    Name This is the name of your checkout. Your customers will see this when they make their purchase.
    Terms of Service Link

    This is the link where your customers can find your terms of service. This is optional.

    Thank You Page Link

    This is where we'll forward your customers after they complete their purchase. If you leave this blank, they will default to our order confirmation page.

  3. Create or Select a Product: If you already have products created in Elective you can select the dropdown to 'Assign one or multiple products'. Otherwise, you can create a new product directly through this form by clicking "Create".

    Here, you'll need to determine the following items for your product:

    Key Terms Description
    For Sale This toggle allows you to choose if your product is available for sale or not.
    Name This is the name of your product. Your customers will see this when they make their purchase.

    The dollar amount you are selling the product for (e.g., $1000.00)


    We currently only support United States Dollars (USD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD).

    Once you've created your product, you can select it from the dropdown to add it to your checkout.

    The price of the products you've selected determines the price of your checkout.

    Please note: you can only select products of the same currency for a single checkout.

  4. Create Payment Settings for Your Checkout: You'll also need to set up how you want your customers to be able to pay for your product(s).

    To do so, click "Create" next to payment settings.

    Here, you can name your payment settings. We recommend naming them based on what you plan on enabling. For example, "Funding Only".

    Next, toggle on the payment options that you want your customers to have on this checkout:

    Key Terms Description
    Learn Now, Pay Later (LNPL) LNPL is our flagship funding option. When LNPL is on, customers can pay over time via Elective while you receive full upfront payment.
    Pay in Full Allow your customers to complete their purchase with a single upfront payment that goes directly to you via Elective Payments.
    Elective Billing

    Our Billing solution allows you to offer your own payment plans to your customers while our team handles the failed payment recoveries and billing-related support. You get paid as we receive payments.

    If LNPL is enabled alongside Billing, your payment plans will only be visible to a customer if/when they are deemed ineligible for LNPL.

  5. Set Up Your Payment Plans (Billing-Only): If you've enabled Elective Billing, you'll also need to set up your payment plans.

    This is as easy as selecting the number of payments you want the purchase to be split across. You can add as many terms as you'd like.

  6. Apply Your Payment Settings: Once you've created your payment settings, you'll need to apply them to your checkout.

  7. OPTIONAL - Determine Your Down Payment (Billing-Only):  By default, your checkout total will be evenly split across all payments, including your down payment. This means that your down payment at checkout will be equal to the monthly payment of your payment plan.

    However, you can change the down payment that a customer gets charged at checkout based on either a dollar value or a percentage value by selecting "Custom Down Payment".

    In this case, we are applying a down payment of $1,000 at checkout with the rest of the amount being evenly split across the remaining term of the payment plan.
  8. Preview Payments: You can preview your customers payments and payment options by selecting "Payments breakdown".

  9. Grab Your Checkout Link: Click "Create" and you're all set! You officially have a  All you have to do is select the 'Copy Checkout Link' option in the Checkouts dashboard and the link will be copied directly to your clipboard. 

  10. Done!🎉 You have just successfully created your first checkout in Elective. Want to set up a connection with Zapier for when your products are purchased? Check out this article for more information.


Managing Your Products

Now that you've created a product, you can go to your "Products" tab to edit, delete, or create new products.


Managing Your Payment Settings

You can also go to the "Payment Settings" tab to manage edit, delete, or create new payment settings for your checkouts.


Need More Help?

If you need a hand please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at help@elective.com

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