[Zapier Guide] - Step #2: Setting Up Actions in Zapier

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This is a continuation of our guide providing step-by-step instructions on how to use Zapier to connect Elective with thousands of the most popular applications.

Please note: you will need to be on the Zapier Starter subscription plan or higher.


Video Walkthrough

Please watch this guide for a complete walkthrough on connecting Elective to Zapier, including setting up an example automation.

This guide was recorded in an older version of our Elective app. All information can be found in the same locations, but with a refreshed interface.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step #2: Set Up Actions in Zapier

At this point, you have already completed Step 1: Connecting Elective to Zapier. The following steps will show you how to set up your post-purchase automation by connecting Elective to any relevant applications. This step will depend on which Zapier plan you are currently on. You will need to use Zapier Starter to use their 'Filter' application or the Zapier Professional subscription plan to use their 'Path' application

Zapier Starter Plan - Filter Zapier Pro Plan - Path

If you are on the Zapier Starter plan, you will need to create a new zap for each product you want to sell through Elective. For example, if you have three online courses, you will need to create a new zap for each one: (1) Zap 1 for Course A, (2) Zap 2 for Course B, and (3) Zap 3 for Course C.

  1. Select Filter: Under '2. Action', we will search for or select the 'Filter' application. By using 'Filter', you are setting up actions that will only happen when a customer buys a specific product.


  2. Set Up Filter Under '2. Only continue if...' you will need to input the following options: Field as Cart Items ID, Condition as (Text) Contains, and Text as Elective Product ID.


    To find your Elective Product ID, you will need to go to your Products dashboard in your Elective application. From here, you can copy the product ID.

  3. Test Filter: Once you've inputted all the information, click 'Continue' to test your filter. You likely will see something like this:


    This is not an error and can be safely ignored. We will be able to come back to this and test your Zap in Elective to make sure everything is working well.

    Now that your filter is set up, click ‘Continue’ and begin adding actions that will happen in response to a customer purchasing the course that matches the Elective product ID used in your filter.

  4. Choose App: Now we are ready to connect Elective to any application we need to set up our post-purchase automation. Common actions you may want to set up include:

    (1) Enrolling a student in a course hosted on a platform like Thinkific, Teachable, or Kajabi
    (2) Adding a student to a list in an email marketing solution like ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit
    (3) Sending an internal Slack notification to notify your team of a Elective order

    In this example, we will be sending a slack notification to a to a specific channel in Slack. That means we need to search for or select Slack under '3. Action' in Zapier

  5. Choose Event: Since we want to send a notification to a channel in Slack,, we want to search for the event 'Send Channel Message'

  6. Setup Action: Once you've connected Slack (or any other application) to Zapier, you'll be able to go ahead and set up the action you want. In this case, we have set up the Action so that our 'notification-testchannel gets notified upon a new order completion. We want the notification to include the customer's email address, first name, and last name using the information Elective sends to Zapier.

  7. Done! 🎉 Once your actions are set up, make sure to name your zap, and then click publish. Once the zap’s published, you’re all done!

Next Steps with Zapier

Now that you have connected Elective to Zapier, there is one final step to complete now:

  1. Testing Zaps in Elective: See our guide here to test your Zaps in Elective to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Need More Help?

Zapier provides a comprehensive Help Center and Zapier University to help you get started and be successful with the application.

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