Marketing Compliance Guidelines

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To ensure compliance and quality, please send all marketing materials including site banners, messaging, landing pages, and email communications to for review before deploying live on your site. Please allow up to 1 week (maximum) for this approval process.

Marketing Compliance Guidelines

1. Essentials

Our assets should not be altered in any way. Their orientation, color, and composition should remain precisely as indicated in these guidelines — with no exceptions.

  • Don’t try to replicate Elective branding. Make it clear that your brand is the sender by using your own visual identity (imagery, font, brand elements) and style.
  • Don’t include the Elective badge or logotype in a headline or text.
  • Keep it short, clear, simple and informative.
  • Use our approved messaging to avoid misinterpretation of products and terms.

2. Essentials when advertising with Elective

  • Keep it simple. Don’t lose a customer because the payment instructions were too complicated, but do make it clear what you are offering.
  • Stand out for the right reason. Highlight the payment option you offer, but be sure to be clear, fair and not misleading.
  • Upstream too. Be sure to include Elective throughout your site - before the student even gets to the checkout. Doing this will help make it clear that Elective is the payment plan provider.
  • Don't overcomplicate it. Prioritise clarity. Your customers will appreciate it on their way to the checkout.

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